Testimonials are enough to convince people.

Patient Testimonial

  • I had ALC surgery done several years ago elsewhere, yet still had instability. Dr. Parolie did a revision ACL reconstruction and I am now back to playing basketball without any instability.

    Andy N.
  • I had suffered multiple dislocations of my shoulder and was very frustrated by my progress. Dr. Parolie did an Arthroscopic stabilization procedure and I’m back playing without any problems!

    Sam P.
  • After my knee arthroscopy, I was back to playing golf in 3 weeks with no pain!

    Phil R.
  • For months I had debilitating back pain with radiating leg pain. After Dr. Choi performed an epidural injection, the pain in my leg completely subsided and I was back to activities of daily living without pain!

    Karen M.

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