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Knee Injuries and Treatme​nts

​Knee pain is a concern that is common to men and women of all ages. It can be caused by a tear in the cartilage or ligament. It might be a symptom of arthritis. Treatment ranges from conservative nonsurgical care to minimally invasive knee surgery.  Dr. Parolie is a knee specialist with an expertise in sports medicine.

The most common symptoms of knee conditions or injuries include:

​Bruising, swelling, or severe pain.
Difficulty moving your knee for normal tasks
Popping or crunching sounds within the knee
Stiffness, or inability to bend or straighten the knee
Sudden or sharp knee pain with twisting or bending
Warmth around the knee joint
Night pain

A variety of conditions or injuries that lead to these symptoms include:

​Anterior cruciate ligament injuries (ACL)
Cartilage injuries
Ligament and tendon injuries
Meniscus injuries
Sprains or strains

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